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Eunice; 17. i like photoshop & tv shows & books & videogames. my blog is a mess of fandoms. but i like Divergent more.
"and is it selfish of me to crave victory, or is it brave?"

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*wiping tears* SURFBOART

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For the first time, I feel like I’m entering my womanhood. I’ve decided to take a few months off, just to see who I am as that woman in the world, because I’ve never been able to experience it outside of this industry.

i don’t understand the people that are very academically smart but are literally the dumbest and most illogical people you’ll ever meet

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                                         You could try and take us

                                                                 but victory’s contagious

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FUN STORY: my grandma lives in a city that was currently taken over by drug dealers and gangs and it’s now divided in two and my grandma is the oNLY CITIZEN IN THE WHOLE CITY who can go walking freely through both sides of the town because she used to do community work and feed the poor kids and those gang members were all fed by her so they let her come and go as she wants SO WHAT WE LEARN TODAY IS TO BE FUCKING NICE TO KIDS BC U MIGHT BE DEALING W FUTURE GANG MEMBERS

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Annie and Mikasa to the rescue

what did you think of the ending of season 2??


for the walking dead game? honestly, i think it was one of the best episodes alone with episodes 3 and 4 because the story was just like BAMOH MYG DO
but it left me very curious because of the 5 endings, so i’m not sure how telltale will make season 3 with all these endings (but whatever they do they always play with our feelings ;_; )
but yeah, i was really hesitant with the ending I got (i decided to kill kenny :( and leave jane bc her morals in that situation were screwed up honestly) so i’m not sure how i would continue with AJ
AND OMFG i’m still angry about luke’s death because it was very sudden and didn’t do his character justice, but that’s just me haha

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Sorrow found me when I was young
Sorrow waited, sorrow won.

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when you go to a friends house and their pet sits next you 


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